Contributing To Your Success

Our mission is to become a valued part of your team. In fact, this philosophy has led to our reputation as a standard-bearer in shipping perishable goods. Because we work so closely with our clients, we gain a thorough understanding of their needs and the storage and handling demands for specific kinds of produce. This has enabled us to provide technology and service that actually open new markets and expand the horizons of our clients' capabilities.

Ensure Shelf Life with:

  • Exceptional Cold Storage Systems
  • Forced-Air Cooling: the State of the Art
  • The Only Hydro-Cooling System on the West Coast
  • Exclusive On-Site Fumigation Chamber
  • Capacity and Security
  • Unparalleled Quality Control

Cold Storage

Maintaining the cold chain from first departure to final destination is a critical consideration in moving produce or sensitive products. REI's facilities make it possible to store each shipment at its optimum temperature, extending shelf life and assuring quality delivery. Walk-in freezer capacity is available when needed. In addition, we've gone beyond the basics and enhanced our system by providing unique technology to meet special storage needs.

While other shippers might employ the equivalent of an ice block and a fan, REI offers a unique high-humidity forced-air cooling system. We know our commitment to supply the best equipment for the job pays off in reliable quality deliveries for our producers. There is no better choice for shippers of strawberries, peaches, and other delicate produce that requires special handling.

Forced Air

The Only Hydro-Cooling System at LAX

Perishables like asparagus present particular challenges and require knowledgeable handling. As always, REI set the pace by installing the only hydro-cooler at Los Angeles International Airport. This response to the need for an extended shelf life for the product is one more example of why we're considered the "surest bet in the business."

When the goal is to deliver the freshest possible commodity, timing is everything. We noted those days could be lost moving shipments to and from a licensed fumigation chamber. This was a problem for our customers; REI provides solutions. We installed a chamber at our facility, which now ensures the fastest possible deliveries when fumigation is a requirement. For specialty items like pomegranates, daily shipments can be made, and holding time is eliminated.

Exclusive On-Site Fumigation Chamber

Capacity and Security

Growing demand around the globe for fresh fruits and produce means that moving the goods is a rapidly expanding industry. Shipments are increasing. Ample capacity has become a necessity as a facility too small to efficiently handle a large shipment could result in unexpected problems for the producer. Being prepared for the growth of our clients is an obligation we take seriously at REI, which is why we maintain greater capacity in our facilities than our competitors.

Our quality control service is unmatched in the industry. We were the first to offer this level of service, and we continue to maintain the best systems available. Our knowledgeable personnel will issue a report to you on the arrival of your shipment, which includes information on time of arrival, temperature, and size and quality verifications. A digital picture of the shipment is e-mailed to you or your overseas partner. Again, REI is at your side, working with you as a member of your team.

Unparalleled Quality Control