We've Got You Covered

There won't be a time when you can't get the answers you need, because REI people are available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. We've found that banker's hours aren't enough in this business. Exceptional service means being there if a problem needs solving, or if you need information to make a last-minute decision.

The Steady Staff Advantage

The people at REI are the best in the business. You'll benefit from working with an experienced, well-trained, competent and committed staff. Starting with your first contact, you'll notice the difference. We really understand the concerns of the ranchers, growers, farmers, packers, chain operations, and U.S. government people we work with. We're always anxious to know more about the challenges you face, because meeting your needs has put us at the top of our field. We never forget that relationships count. They are the true basics of our business.

Our solid, long-standing relationships with all major carriers benefits you with space availability when you need it. We are one of the largest buyers of space internationally, which allows us the kind of control you need from a transportation company. This attention to relationships can work in unexpected ways - more than once, we've made important introductions between our wide-ranging contacts that have resulted in new, profitable alliances. While this is not standard service, it is a clear indication that we enjoy putting our imagination and experience to work for our clients in any way that adds value to our services. While we're setting the pace with innovative technology and impressive facilities, our people will always be our most important asset. They continue to deliver the old-fashioned virtues that sustain our reputation for reliability, promises kept and exceptional service.

Relationships That Work