Air, Sea and Ground Transport

Whatever your transportation needs, REI provides an exceptional range of shipping solutions tailored to suit your needs. Accountability and reliability are our watchwords.

Take Nothing
For Granted

In the world of international transport, staying on top means staying ahead. Yesterday, that meant that we were the first shippers on the West Coast to have a cooler. Then REI led the industry with forced air units. We put the first refrigerated trucks in service. We installed the only hydro-cooler at Los Angeles International Airport. And we offer an exclusive on-site fumigation chamber. This insistence on putting the best available technology and service at the disposal of our clients has earned us a reputation for providing solutions and for meeting challenges in a constantly evolving enterprise.

Today we're one of the largest perishable freight forwarders in the United States because we strive to remain first in giving our customers the edge in a competitive and demanding marketplace. We're the only Perishable Customs Bonded Warehouse in Los Angeles because we knew it would save precious distribution time and avoid needless delays for temperature-sensitive shipments. We invented disposable shipping quilts to custom fit air containers because they added value to our clients' goods. Our warehouses are the cleanest facilities in the business, because we understand the liability risks faced by our clients in the area of food safety.

Your Needs

Superior Logistics At REI

Logistics is more than a buzzword. We deliver logistics that define the term: managing all the details of an operation. When it comes to transportation and distribution of time- and temperature-sensitive products, we know how to make it happen, every step of the way. This is where an experienced staff, strategically located facilities, up-to-the-minute technology, and a global network of contacts and long-standing relationships really counts.

General Cargo,
Custom Care

A superior standard of service applies to everything we handle, which includes general and specialized cargo of all kinds. REI is the shipper of choice for a wide variety of products:

  • Meat - Frozen and Chilled
  • Perishables
  • Integrated circuitry
  • Electronics
  • Industrial and aircraft parts
  • Medical supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Live lobsters
  • Livestock
  • All time/temperature-sensitive goods